Q&A With Campbell Faces

Cameron Howell, from Kinston, NC, is a junior as a Biology Pre-Pa major.


What is an interesting fact about you?

I took dance classes for 15 years! I started when I was three, and finished at 18.

What has been your favorite moment at Campbell?

There have been so many! Attending the Ring Ceremony and receiving my class ring was definitely a huge moment. It was awesome to know that we were making Campbell history

What do you want to do after you graduate?

I want to go to Campbell’s PA school, then go back home and open a free clinic for the underserved in the community.

What is your favorite food?

Gluten free macaroni and cheese!

Who is your inspiration and why?

Walt Disney, because he was able to take dreams and turn them into reality.

What has been your hardest class thus far?


Do you have a hobby or favorite way to spend down time?

I love to read, and I’m currently learning how to play the violin, so I like to practice whenever I can.

Interview by: Marisa Linton

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