Throwback Thursday

B.S.U. is a ministry group on campus that meets at Butler Chapel every Thursday at 8pm. This year, their theme is the Great Commission and have embraced the hashtag, #reachCU. Looking back to 1917, we can see that the ideals of the group have not changed…to reach campus and create a positve, Christ-like impact. The following is an excerpt from the 1962 Pine Burr Yearbook: “Basically the aims and ideas concerning the B.S.U are the same as they were in 1917: to win every student on the campus to Christ and to help every student find and do the conquering will of God for his or her life. Pursuant to that holy ideal, in all our methods and programs, each member of the Council seeks to be not only available and expendable but also maximum for our Master.” ~Charles B. Howard, President of B.S.U., 1917 IMG_20131107_133042_264 The current B.S.U. council includes: Cameron Hunt, President; Emily McIntosh, Fellowship Coordinator; Sonya Phannouvong, Worship Leader; Sarah Black, Discipleship; Demion Creel, Vice President; Shannon Wilson, Missions Coordinator;  Mercedes Torrero, Communication. Be sure to join them tonight at 8!    Written by: Marisa Linton

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