Blake Betts, from Duncan, NC, is a senior as a double major in Christian Ministry and Communication Studies.

blake betts

What is an interesting fact about you? I love to play softball! I have been playing since I was 16 and I play for Baptist Grove Baptist Church and the Peak City Believers.

What has been your favorite moment at Campbell? Beating the Divinity school in the Annual Taylor Cup Softball game my Junior Year

What do you want to do after you graduate? I would love to be a part time youth pastor while working in marketing

What is your favorite food? I don’t really have a favorite food but my favorite type of food is Italian

Who is your inspiration and why? I know this is cliché at a Baptist school ,but Christ is my inspiration. He is the source of my joy and He is the one who has granted me salvation even though I can never earn it.

What has been your hardest class thus far? Academically? Probably Philosophy. As far as challenging? I’d have to say Ministry Practicum because it was my first opportunity to work with a youth group full time.

Do you have a hobby or favorite way to spend down time? I love to play guitar and cook. Yes, I am a man who can cook. Everyone should know how to cook. Interview by Ashley Howerton