Summer in January and a 360 Dunk

It was freezing last night; however, there were students wearing leis, shorts, tank tops, and sunglasses. Why? Because it was beach night at the men’s basketball game. One lucky winner even won an all expense paid trip to Myrtle Beach! Wow!


Last night’s game wasn’t just special because of the theme, it was also a win for the Camels, putting them first in the North Division!! With a score of 65-63, the Fighting Camels beat Radford after a close game. Not only that, but Reco McCarter’s 360 dunk made headlines on Sportscenter. How great is that?


If you didn’t go to the game last night, you missed out on a fun time, but at least you didn’t get odd looks for inappropriately dress in January.


Written by: Marisa Linton

Photos by: Joanna D’Ancona

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