Q & A with Campbell Faces

Hannah Gibbs is a senior history major from Claremont, NC.

What is an interesting fact about you?
I know every word from Titanic. I have watched it about 20 to 30 times.
It’s m favorite movie because I really like love stories and it’s the most epic love story.
Favorite moment at Campbell and why?
Day when all incoming freshman got together for dinner and I met my future roommate and best friend.
What do you want to do after you graduation?
I want to go to graduate school for museology so I can one day become a curator, being in charge of a museum and deciding what exhibits are displayed.
What is your favorite food?
mac-n-cheese (the Spongebob kind)
Who is your inspiration and why?
My dad because he did not get to finish college but he never gave up on his dream. The summer I started college so did my dad. He has been a big support system for me
because we are going through the same thing . We compete for who has the highest GPA!
What has been your hardest class thus far?
Latin American studies with Martin was by far the hardest what with the heavy does of identification. We had to learn 200 people, and it was really labor intensive to keep everything seperated.
What is a favorite hobby or pasttime?
I love to read and hike. My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice because it’s a love story, and the female character is very strong and independent. I aslo love the way people used to talk back then; everything they said was so beautiful. No one talks like that anymore.
Interview by: Ashley Howerton
*If you want to be featured email, mdlinton0603@email.campbell.edu!

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