While You Were Gone…

While You Were Gone is a new weekly post that will be written on Mondays about all the great activities that happen on campus at Campbell University every weekend.

The past weekend, August 15-17, was move-in weekend for the fall semester 2014.  On Saturday, the largest incoming class of freshman were welcomed with many hands to help them move in.  After the hustle and bustle of boxes, suitcases, and plastic bins being unloaded, parents and students exchanged goodbyes.  With all the parents gone, the festivities of the Week of Welcome began.  A party for the freshman was the highlight of Saturday.  The students were excited to receive a sign that had their name and year they were expected to graduate.  Following the party, Divergent was shown in Turner Auditorium.  The movie started playing at 11:00 p.m. and ended at 1:00 a.m: a great first late night for the new students.

Sunday was the return of many upperclassmen.  As they checked in, the freshman class went to the New Student Convocation where they received their medal.  This ceremony is one that all Campbell students go to and they keep their medal to wear when they graduate.

In the evening, everyone came together to play a ten rounds of BINGO with prizes that everyone wanted.  The top prizes were a Blu-Ray player, a tablet, and the coveted flat screen TV.  Turner Auditorium was filled with students playing BINGO, but of course, not all could win a prize.  For all of us that were not lucky enough to win an amazing prize at BINGO, there was free ice cream for all from Sunni Skies.  They brought many of their amazing flavors and it was a great way to end the weekend with a local favorite.

Written By: Hannah Gooding

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