While you were Gone… October 1-5

It was a beautiful weekend for fall break this past weekend.  Although there may not have been many students in the Creek, the Camel’s for a Cure games began with free pink t-shirts handed out to students that did attend the games.  The Camels for a Cure games are in October to support breast cancer and many sports have nights where fans wear pink.  At the men’s soccer game and volleyball game, fan’s could receive a hot pink t-shirt if they arrived early enough.  Both teams lost but it is probably because they didn’t get a break to go home like other students did.  Camel Crazie, Jonathan Boggs, did attend the men’s soccer game and is looking for some empty pink lemonade cans to put in place of his orange ones on his hat.  This is one way he is supporting Breast Cancer this month.  If you find any cans, let him know.  This also poses the question, what are YOU doing to show your support of breast cancer awareness?


Here is Jonathan at the men’s soccer game sporting his new hot pink shirt.  You can also see his old orange Fanta cans which he would like to replace with pink lemonade cans for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.








Written By: Hannah Gooding

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