Q&A with Campbell Faces






Emma Leatherwood, sophomore Theatre Arts major, tells us about acting, her plans after graduation, and also about her hair.











Q: What is an interesting fact about you?


A: I can hide a pack of gum in my hair.


Q: Is that something you do often?


A: Only when necessary. I do it as a party trick. When I was in Costa Rica, I said I could do it without really knowing if I could. When I tried, it worked!


Q: Why did you choose to major in Theatre Arts?


A: It is something I really enjoy. I didn’t get to do it in my high school but I got to experience it here and I found my passion. I enjoy every aspect, both on stage and backstage. I am finding myself in the plays I get to do.


Q: What are your plans for after graduation?


A: I really haven’t decided. I would like to intern at Disney or audition in theatres and work to save up some money. Eventually, I would like to move to either New York City or Los Angeles. As long as I am happy and can support myself, I’ll be happy.


Q: Who is your inspiration?


A: For acting, Helena Bonham Carter. She may do obscure films and roles, but she always stays true to herself. She is quirky and does not apologize for who she is. She is such an amazing actress. Also, I’ve been told we look a lot alike.


Q: What is your favorite color?


A: Turquoise. It is also my birthstone. I’m also a Sagittarius!


Interview By: Beth Pandone

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