Preview of the Week

It may continue to rain throughout the week but the that does not stop this week’s activities! This week there are club meetings, Greek Week activities and even Bacon Day! Come out to the Rumley Center and try tons of bacon recipes from bacon bits to chocolate covered bacon! If you want to see our greek life showcase their talents, attend the talent show on Thursday at 6pm in Turner!

Events this Upcoming Week

  • Monday:
    • 5pm: Cab Gener
    • 7pm: Bacon Day
    • 8pm: Shine
    • 9pm: Wesley Ministry Group
  • Tuesday:
    • 8pm: FCA
    • 8:30pm: Gospel Choir
  • Wednesday:
    • 6:30pm: Inspirations Dance
    • 7pm: Catholic Student Group
    • 8:07pm: Ignite
  • Thursday:
    • 8pm: BSU Ministry Group
  • Friday:
    • 6pm: Encounter Ministry Group
    • 8pm: Magician: Josh McVicar
  • Saturday
    • 12pm: Autumn Festival
    • 3pm: Women’s Soccer Vs. Radford
    • 6pm: Football Vs. Drake

I encourage you to invite your family to Campbell this weekend to celebrate Family Weekend. Invite your family to experience the wonderful atmosphere of Campbell by attending the magic show and the autumn festival, end the weekend by watching our football team, and enjoy our camel spirit!

Written By: Rachael Wheeler 

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