Jam Session

Come out to the Jam Session, hosted by CAB, in the Wallace Student Center on March 17th, 2016 at 8pm. Xzavier Williams, a returning participant of the Jam Sessions believes, “ the overall talent that comes out is very good and it is a lot of fun to watch the talent. It is also a lot of fun to meet new people and hang out with friends.” Xzavier loves to sing, and perform songs that he has written himself. If you enjoy singing or even just playing an instrument this is a great event to network and socialize with other talented students.

Below: Xzavier Williams performing his songs.


By: Emily LaBonte

Preview Of the Week

The rush of November has begun and the amount of activities it not an exception. This week support your Women’s Volleyball team and the football team at their upcoming games. If you aren’t interested in sports there is other options such as getting a free massage in the library or attending a Jam Session, this week is full of opportunities for a homework break!


  • 7-10pm  “Spin into Success”
    • Free food, massages and help from the Student Success Center on the 3rd floor of the library


  • 7pm: Women’s Volleyball
  • 8pm: Diwali: Victory of Light over Darkness with sparklers


  • 8pm: Jam Session @ Shouse
  • 8pm: Ensemble Concert: Scott


  • 1pm: Football VS. Jacksonville
  • 4pm: Women’s Volleyball


  • 4pm: Choral Concert: Butler Chapel

Preview of the Week

October has gone by quickly! This is the last week, and you should celebrate the Halloween spirit! This week there will be a Nacho Night hosted by CAB, come out and enjoy nachos and fun with friends! Also, Dance the night away on Throwback Thursday by participating in the Dance from the Past, then afterwards learn the scary past of Campbell by participating in the Ghost Walk.


  • 5pm: General CAB Meeting
  • 7pm: Nacho Night-Rumley Center


  • 7pm: Dance From the Past
  • 7pm: Fall Musical
  • 8pm-10pm Campbell Ghost Walk

No Matter what you chose to participate in remember to stay safe and have a great Halloween!

Jam Session


Article Written by: Anna Marie Vognazzio

Last Thursday, the CAB Concerts Committee hosted the second Jam Session of the semester in Shouse Dining Hall, where students gathered to sing their best karaoke! Whether singing solo or with friends, participants gave it their all as they shared songs from a variety of genres, including pop, soul, hip hop, and contemporary worship music. Students often comment that they love the relaxed atmosphere of the jam sessions, because it gives them a chance to socialize while enjoyingIMG_6928
some of Campbell’s hidden talent. They love it when they see their friends and classmates go onstage, and are always supportive in giving a hearty round of applause to everyone who performs!

If you’re looking to showcase an instrument or sing karaoke, mark your calendars, because the        next Jam Session will be on Thursday, November 12th


Bacon Day:

Bacon macaroni and cheese, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, bacon cheese fries, bacon pizza… That can only mean one thing at Campbell: Bacon Day! One of CAB’s most popular events, Bacon Day drew students from all across campus to the Rumley Center to brave the gloomy weather and claim their spot in line for a stylish bacon day t-shirt. Despite the rain and line that extended nearly to Marshbanks, students were all laughs and smiles as they socialized, eagerly waiting for the doors to open. Many also enjoyed seeing the reappearance of the infamous bacon suit that various CAB members had been sporting throughout the week on campus, with several #baconday2015 selfies appearing on Campbell’s social media. IMG_6831
When the event officially began, students had the chance to try multiple different bacon recipes, and were overheard excitedly saying how much they enjoyed getting to attend an event where there was free food and fun with friends – what could be better?IMG_6852

Written By: Anna Marie Vagnozzi

Preview of the Week

It may continue to rain throughout the week but the that does not stop this week’s activities! This week there are club meetings, Greek Week activities and even Bacon Day! Come out to the Rumley Center and try tons of bacon recipes from bacon bits to chocolate covered bacon! If you want to see our greek life showcase their talents, attend the talent show on Thursday at 6pm in Turner!

Events this Upcoming Week

  • Monday:
    • 5pm: Cab Gener
    • 7pm: Bacon Day
    • 8pm: Shine
    • 9pm: Wesley Ministry Group
  • Tuesday:
    • 8pm: FCA
    • 8:30pm: Gospel Choir
  • Wednesday:
    • 6:30pm: Inspirations Dance
    • 7pm: Catholic Student Group
    • 8:07pm: Ignite
  • Thursday:
    • 8pm: BSU Ministry Group
  • Friday:
    • 6pm: Encounter Ministry Group
    • 8pm: Magician: Josh McVicar
  • Saturday
    • 12pm: Autumn Festival
    • 3pm: Women’s Soccer Vs. Radford
    • 6pm: Football Vs. Drake

I encourage you to invite your family to Campbell this weekend to celebrate Family Weekend. Invite your family to experience the wonderful atmosphere of Campbell by attending the magic show and the autumn festival, end the weekend by watching our football team, and enjoy our camel spirit!

Written By: Rachael Wheeler 

Throwback Thursday:

Last March Campbell students learned Salsa by coming to the Rumley Center at Campbell where students could learn a little bit about the dance on campus. Students were taught basic moves and rhythms of salsa dance. Students came to the class in order to learn salsa dance moves for many different reasons. Salsa dance roots are based on Puerto Rican rhythms, Cuban Son, and San Montuno. However, the dance and music is always evolving. There are many different types of salsa dance based on the area they come from. In many styles of salsa dancing, as a dancer shifts their weight by stepping, the upper body remains level and nearly unaffected by the weight changes. Weight shifts cause the hips to move. Arm and shoulder movements are also incorporated. Salsa dance came to the Rumley Center at Campbell where students could learn a little bit about the dance on campus. Students were taught basic moves and rhythms of salsa dance. Students came to the class in order to learn salsa dance moves for many different reasons.

“I’m fascinated with Latin culture and I have a bicultural family so I’m really interested in Latin dance” said Audrey Jordan, a Freshman International Business and Spanish major.


Remember to take part in the unique activities that Campbell has to offer throughout the semester. There are numerous activities such as dance class, bacon day, pumpkin carving, and even speed dating.