It’s Getting Down to the Wire

Last night, Thursday June 23, was the second night of preliminary competition for the Miss North Carolina competition.

Sami McDaniel competed in Swimsuit and fitness

Scarlett Short competed in Swimsuit and fitness as well.

Both of these ladies are in the same group, both wore a green swimsuit, and are both rising sophomores at Campbell.

Campbell graduate student,  Brittany Thornton, competed in evening gown and onstage question. Brittany is a Trust and Wealth Management student in our Business school.

Campbell alumni Sue Ann Forrest competed in talent with a monologue about something that actually happened to her.  The monologue was titled “Nice to Meet You”.

Sue Ann’s monologue was about changing the was the wold views women and empowering them to defy stereotypes.

Keith Boyette, one of Sue Ann’s biggest cheerleaders this week was very proud of her monologue.

“I think Sue Ann’s talent was perfect, it was a perfect description of her and a clear representation of how Sue Ann is and everything she believes in.” -Keith Boyette

Tonight Scarlett Short and Sami McDaniel will be competing in talent and Sami says that this is her favorite part of the competition.


Written By: Hannah Gooding

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