My Internship Experience: Week 1

With just 4 months left to graduate I have landed an internship with Capital Ford back in Raleigh, NC. Juggling school and work has been tough, but I know it will be worth it in the end. My first week was spent learning the ins and outs of this company and who works for it. I  met so many great people who all work in different departments in the business.

I had a busy week ahead of me spent meeting new people, learning my way around, attending workshops, meetings, and training classes. I am lucky enough to be able to shadow people in sales, services, marketing, and advertising. Gaining this experience in multiple different departments will be extremely helpful for a successful resume. I have been faced with many different customer scenarios while shadowing employees and realized that it’s extremely important to keep your cool with some people! Surprisingly enough, they have scripts to go by depending on the situation they’re given, and trust me…there’s one planned out for anything that might happen. The car business is definitely something to get used to. It’s safe to say I figured out the real meaning of great customer service working within a dealership.

Each week I will be reporting back on my time with Capital Ford, Raleigh. I hope I am able to reach out to anyone who may be going through this experience with me, or students who are able to relate from past internships.

Written by: Kaitlyn Dixon 

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