Rachel Rock: Internship Experience

I was able to sit down with one of our fellow students, senior Rachel Rock, and ask her a few questions about how her internship experience has been going so far.

Q: Where are you interning?

A: I am interning at 919 Marketing in Holly Springs.

Q: What are some of your everyday tasks?

A: Everyday is different, but there are some things that I do more often. I am usually tracking media hits, writing and editing blogs/press releases and assisting in pitching ideas for clients.

Q: Why did you choose this internship?

A: I chose this internship because I knew that I wanted to work at a firm that represents multiple clients. Also, they work heavily in content marketing, which is a specific field that I was interested in learning about.

Q: How will this influence your future?

A: Hopefully, this internship will teach me valuable skills that will help me in my future career as a public relations strategist. I am already learning so much from the team about PR and marketing.

Q: What skills have you accustomed during your time at 919 Marketing?

A: During my time at 919 Marketing, I have learned so much. So far, I have learned how to use Cision PR Software and have gotten more comfortable writing and editing. I have also gained experience working in a structured office setting, which will definitely help me in my future!

Q: How are you using your degree in this internship?

A: My degree in public relations is greatly helping me in this internship. I came into it with a working knowledge of writing press releases and blog posts, as well as an understanding of AP Style writing. All of this is from classes that I have taken at Campbell.

Q: What are some difficulties you have faced on the job so far?

A: I haven’t experienced any major difficulties, but it has been somewhat challenging learning the company culture and adjusting to their schedules.

Q: What have you enjoyed the most?

A: I have really enjoyed my internship, so far. I have a great team of people that I am working with, and I have really enjoyed learning from all of them.

Interview by: Kaitlyn Dixon 


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