My Internship Experience: Week 4

4 weeks into my internship at Capital Ford and I have learned a crazy amount about the corporate side of the car business. Sitting in a call room all day and listening to about 5 calls at a time, both sales and services, has helped me learn the most. Meetings after meetings and an abundance of Excel spreadsheets later I think I’ve gotten the hang of the way things work around here.

I’m ready to experience what life is like over at the advertising firm that Capital Ford uses for all of their commercial adds, etc. Since I’m interested in working for an advertising firm, automotive or not, I’m really excited to get my foot in the door at Sokal Media Group. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to go over there soon to meet the employees and check out their office. Maybe even spend the day with Mark Roberts behind the scenes of a commercial! I can put all of my Campbell NOW TV knowledge to work.

It’s been “just another day at the office” here in Raleigh, now I have to get back to work!

Written by: Kaitlyn Dixon 

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