My Internship Experience: Week 6

As promised, this post will be about my visit to Sokal Media Design. My visit got pushed back because of the auto expo last week, so I was very anxious up until this day.

I actually just got back from spending half a day with some of the people over at Sokal. It is only a 10 minute drive from my house I found out, so that was a good surprise! Walking in, I met up with one of the girls that I had been in touch with and she showed me around the place first. It’s broken up into the different positions that people are hired for. One part of the office is for media designers, one is for the artists and the other is for all of the account coordinators/executives. They each have their own little space and I liked that a lot.

I learned what all the positions were about. There are 4 main positions that you are capable of working your way towards. Account Coordinator, Artist, Junior Account Executive, and Account Executive. You start out as an account coordinator. This is the person who enters in all of the information for an ad and then sends it off to the artist. The artist then inserts the pictures and creates the advertisement. Once that is completed it is sent back to the coordinator who is to look over it and send it to the Account Executive, or Junior Account Executive (account exec. in training). This is the person who will look over it again, and show it to the client. The process is like an ongoing cycle every month!

Spending some time at Sokal gave me great insight on the automotive advertising business and really helped me to realize that this might be a place I could end up at once I graduate in a few months.

Written by: Kaitlyn Dixon 

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