DPhiE Celebrates 100 Years

On March 17, Campbell is helping the Gamma Epsilon Chapter celebrate 100 years of sisterhood. Sisters around the world will spend the next 18 months celebrating  the milestone! It is encouraged that the sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon make it to the Camel Room in Marshbanks on Friday at 5 PM in their cocktail attire. It is understood that turning 100 is a big deal, so if you are a sister or a supporter of the sorority, show your pride by sharing the event on social media using #DPHIE100.

Courtney Knowles, a sister in DPhiE, has found that this sorority has changed her life for the better. I was able to ask her a few questions that might change the mind of others who may be skeptical of joining a sorority.

How has being a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon changed your outlook of the “sorority world”?

“Before I joined Delta Phi Epsilon I was never that exposed to Greek Life.  I knew in the mind of others it was just a way to pay for new friends. While there are dues that we pay, it is for way more than additional friends – that was just a plus! Greek Life has allowed me to make a positive impact in the Buies Creek Community; it has allowed me to learn better networking skills. It gives me opportunities to participate in leadership events and it also allows us to learn about team building skills. It has taught me time management skills, along with how to balance my schedule. It provides us with scholarships and ways to expand educational opportunities. It has taught me the meaning of true friendships and blessed me with relationships that go way beyond four years.”

What have you enjoyed the most about being in this sorority?

“Of all the things that Delta Phi Epsilon has given me, I think the one think I enjoy most is my positive atmosphere full of support. One of our philanthropies is National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders; with this we encourage women to love themselves for exactly who they are. I am reminded day in and day out that I am accepted for who I am. In todays world I believe that is important. We should be building women up instead of trying to tare them down and within Delta Phi Epsilon I know that is what I am receiving – a positive support system of 69 amazing women.”

What would you say to anyone looking to join a sorority?

“I would tell them to go to Greek Life information events and get to know the women in every sorority. I not only have amazing relationships within Delta Phi Epsilon but within every organization in Greek Life. When I was considering what sorority to join I looked into what philanthropies they were involved with. I wanted to be apart of an organization that gave back to the community and our campus. I also took into consideration what each organization stood for. I would also want each woman to know that they should give each organization an opportunity because each have an amazing structure and stand for something wonderful. When you find your home, you will know and I can full heartedly say Delta Phi Epsilon was my home within my home at Campbell.”

How will you be celebrating 100 years aside from the Centennial Celebration?

“Our centennial celebration is the main event that I will be attending to celebrate our 100 years. There are other events that other universities hold just like this one, all over the world (literally world!) At the International Leadership Forum we launched the Centennial Tool Kit, allowing our chapters and alumnae associations to host their own Centennial Celebrations across North America. Our headquarters also holds a centennial celebration that could also be attended. Aside from an event, we are using social media as a way to celebrate as well. All year we have been using #DPHIE100 on social media to show that this is our 100th year as a sisterhood and we are so thankful, excited, and over joyed to be apart of something so amazing.”

Written and interview by: Kaitlyn Dixon 

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