My Internship Experience: Week 8

I haven’t been able to post in a few weeks because I took a week off for my last spring break…ever! I went on a 5 night cruise to the Bahamas and was not ready to get back to reality!

I am back at work this week and have been focusing a lot on my resume and cover letters. My supervisor has been working with me during this entire internship process leading up to applications for a job prior to graduating. During my free time, I have been able to look over my resume and get it updated and tweaked in order to get it sent out within the next few weeks! Being able to add this internship is going to be extremely helpful for me when applying to advertising firms. I’m freaking out a little bit because I’m so close to entering the real world, but I’m so ready.

Like always, I learn something different every day about the automotive business, and how they do things around the office. The automotive business is definitely something to get used to and it is almost like working in a whole new world, but after almost 2 months in the business I finally understand why they do the things they way they do. This internship is only the beginning, and I feel like I have gotten so much experience in different fields that I’m ready to get my resume out there.

Written by: Kaitlyn Dixon 

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