Alpha Delta Pi: Greek Week in the Creek

Greek Week in the Creek is in full force as the fraternities and sororities go back in time to the 90s. The purpose of Greek Week is to gain points from every challenge faced on a certain day. At the end of the week, based off of the points system, an overall winner is chosen to then receive the winners trophy. The sororities and fraternities have little opportunity to intermingle with each other, so Greek Week gives them the opportunity to pit against one another, all for a good cause. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone!

The main events include banner competitions, lip sync battles, and Greek games. To kickoff the week, ADPI sisters participated in the annual sheet banner competition (literally taking sheets and painting on them). This event didn’t seem to phase the sisters. “Saved by the Lion” surrounded by the diamond badge was the center piece of their eye popping banner created to advertise their sorority during this anticipated week. The banner was hung from the ADPI tent and judged by chosen Campbell faculty members based off of creativity, cleanliness, and ability to get the point across. After judging was complete, there was a bonfire and all of the organizations were able to get together, roast marshmallows and enjoy a ‘movie in the park’.

If you see any Greek Life participants around campus, or get a chance to watch any of their performances make sure to cheer them on as Greek Week comes to an end.

Written by: Kaitlyn Dixon 



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