My Internship Experience: Week 10

As my weeks at Capital Ford start to diminish I’m starting to apply to different places around the area. I haven’t decided when my last day at my internship will be, but I’m trying to stall out as long as I can! I’ve already obtained my required 180 hours for the class portion, and I’m in the process of beginning my portfolio filled with all of the work I’ve done throughout this process.

This week, I sent out text messages to hundreds of people who had an appointment to take their car in for service and/or had a recall or needed an oil change. These text messages were meant to sound like they were automated. I’ve always thought that’s what they were when I’ve been sent a text message reminding me of an appointment…but I guess someone takes the time to text all of those people just like I did.

In my previous posts I’ve mentioned the work starting to die down because I’m coming into my last weeks. The busy work is flowing and I feel like I’ve learned about all I can learn in regards to this business. I haven’t decided how many more weeks I’ll be posting about my internship experiences, but I”ll be sure to make everyone aware of my last post! Wish me luck while I send in my applications and hopefully get call backs to go in for interviews! We’ll see if this internship paid off!

Written by: Kaitlyn Dixon 

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