It’s Here: We’re Graduating

It’s finally that time. Most of us thought that this day would never come. Some are dreading it and others are ready to start a new chapter. When we graduated high school, college became an anticipation and a start of something new. Four more years at a new school, with new people, and a brand new area we aren’t familiar with. Freshman year was filled with firsts and students became comfortable with the college atmosphere. We could finally say, “this is going to be the best four years of my life.” Little did we know the work was going to start piling on and we weren’t going to have time for all of the things we used to. Naps became a part of life, and taking food to class just so you’d be able to have a meal during the day became a part of your every day routine.

Strong friendships have been made, you’ve joined clubs and are now known on campus, but before we knew it we’re already upperclassmen. Two years have flown by and at this point the years are only going to get faster. It’s time we started to attend campus traditions and making the most of what freedom we take so much for granted. Every assignment, group project, presentation and exam seems to pile on one after another and finally, senioritis kicks in. Every faculty members nightmare. Students begin to check out as they start thinking about their future and how bad they’re ready to get out of Buies Creek!

Little do we know, as graduation quickly approaches, everything begins to set in. The friends we’ve gotten so close with might not be going in the same path that I am, I need to start applying to jobs, I have an interview on the same day as I have a test and I can’t miss it, I need to finish out with good grades not only for my GPA’s sake but so I’ll be able to graduate in the first place, and I’m about to leave this place I’ve become so familiar with to start a life for myself…I’m scared! What was the best four years of your life has already come to an end in the blink of an eye.

One month from today, I, along with many others in my class will be walking across that stage to receive the piece of paper we’ve all been working so hard towards. No matter how excited and anxious we may be, never forget about the memories you’ve made during your time at Campbell, but cherish that moment as you walk across that stage. We’ve worked so hard for it.

I wish everyone who’s graduating luck as they take on the next steps in their life.

Written by: Kaitlyn Dixon

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