Spring Final Exam Tips

Another year has already passed! Although summer is approaching, unfortunately, it’s time to start focusing on final exams again. I think it’s safe to say that we could all use some helpful tips when studying for exams.

The first thing you should start out with is a master to-do list. This way everything you have to do will be written out in one place and you can organize and plan your way through these exams.

  • Review your notes daily to familiarize yourself.
  • Identify the format of the exam.
  • Predict possible questions and quiz yourself.
  • Return to information you struggled with in the beginning.
  • Meet with the professor or get a tutor. Don’t be afraid to ask!
  • Create acronyms, rhymes, songs, or acrostics to help you remember the information.
  • Take breaks. Studying for too many hours at a time can impact your ability to take in information.
  • Study in a non-distracting area. Yes, the library might seem like your best bet but it does get loud in there sometimes. Take yourself to a quiet area.
  • Form a study group.

Following just one, or all of these tips are guaranteed you’ll ace your exams. Find out the one that works best for you when studying and get started! College students are known for their mastery in procrastinating. The longer you wait, the less study time you get and the chances of you starting at all begin to decrease every hour wasted. Sadly, it’s not going anywhere, so don’t wait until you feel like studying.

Good Luck!

Written by: Kaitlyn Dixon 

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