Cancun SB 2k19

Brittany Downs and her hometown bestie went to Cancún for SB 2K19. They stayed at a beautiful resort for the week where they received fine dining. During the trip they went snorkeling on the reefs, spent a lot of time on the beach, took a day long catamaran cruise, and went downtown to explore the Cancún culture where they interacted with the locals.

There were a bunch of wild monkeys that roamed around her resort but the one pictured was a tamed monkey that photographers would let vacationers take pictures with.

Brittany’s favorite part of the trip was snorkeling in the reef because she got to swim with sea turtles stingrays, and lots of other cool creatures. But, overall she was just excited to spend a week with her long distance BFF.

If you have any cool Spring Break 2019 trips please contact us at!

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