Becoming a Teacher

Bailey Fulcher is a senior Elementary Education major here at Campbell. Featured in the picture above is Bailey and her practicum teacher shadow. She wanted to become a teacher because she has always loved working with kids. She will hopefully be teaching the second grade once she gets hired to a school. She loves how supportive Campbell’s education program and teachers are. They are always making sure the students are prepared and have whatever they need to be able to pass the licensure test and other classes. One thing Bailey has struggled with as an education major was practicum. Practicum is the hardest semester for an Education major because the students have to be at their job shadow school’s almost everyday, while teaching for hours, and then have classes back on campus.

Campbell’s education program has prepared me for this next big step by giving me all the opportunities I need to find jobs and to become the best teacher I can be.

Bailey Fulcher

Her advice to young education majors would be to start taking the licensure test as soon as you can. Also, to ask professors for advice on what to study and where to find it! As well as, always remember to keep a good attitude especially around the kids because they pick up on moods. Bailey is looking forward to having her own classroom and class of students. Also, she is looking forward to being able to create her own seating chart to put her students where she knows that they will work and learn their best. 

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