Feature- Maddie Heggie

Maddie is a Junior from Ontario, Canada. She is a Kinesiology major and a member of the Swim team. We caught up with Maddie to discuss life on campus during the Coronavirus pandemic.

What were your initial thoughts when you learned Campbell would be transitioning to online instruction?

I was nervous, because I’m not good at regulating myself, so I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to learn everything.

What have you been doing to stay occupied while on campus?

Not much. I watch my pet fish and have been dancing with my roommate.

Do you have plans to return home or are you going to stay on campus for the rest of the break?

I will be returning home soon. I will just be working and watching my online lectures.

Do you think we will return to campus and resume normal classes on April 6th, or will the break be extended?

I think we will probably be out for the rest of the semester, just as a safety measure.

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