Weekly Feature- Lauren Taylor

Lauren is a senior Business Administration/Marketing major from Exeter, New Hampshire. She filled us in on how she is adjusting to her new lifestyle, what conditions are like in New Hampshire, and more.

What are conditions like in your hometown? Have they issued a stay at home order?

The conditions in New Hampshire are very positive. They issued a stay at home order as of recent. The beaches are blocked off and there are police roaming the streets to make sure people are adhering to the rules put in place. Overall people are going outside to walk or bike ride which helps with morale.

What has been the most difficult part about adjusting to online instruction?

The hardest part has been the lack of instruction with professors who are not used to a structured class.

What do you miss most about Campbell?

The greatest thing that I miss about Campbell is getting to be with my friends who have become family.

What has it been like knowing your last semester of college will not end as expected? Will you come back for graduation if Campbell holds the ceremony at a later date?

It has been surreal realizing that this semester, and college is over. It took a while to come to this realizing with the shock of evacuating campus and moving back to New Hampshire. I am sad that we don’t get our last experiences, but there is a greater plan in all of this. I will come back for graduation, whenever that may be.

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