Wellness Wednesday!

Hello Readers, 

On Wednesday, the Pine Burr Blog will bring content supporting wellness for college students. Please take a moment to be good to yourself and rest. We have roughly a month left until this semester is over. You must prioritize your well-being to finish strong.

Today we will focus on sleep. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine noted that “the best way to maximize performance on final exams is to both study and get a good night of sleep”. 

The following tips are provided by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine:

  • Go to bed early
  • Get out of bed – if you are having trouble sleeping, find a task to complete that might help you relax and feel sleepy
  • Stay out of bed – leave your bed for sleeping only
  • Limit naps – keep naps short and not close to bedtime
  • Wake up on the weekend – keep your sleeping schedule consistent even on the weekend
  • Avoid caffeine 
  • Adjust the lights
  • Wind down – give yourself time to wind down and not be distracted by electronics
  • Eat a little – do not go to bed hungry 

Please visit the link below for more information and tips about the importance of sleep.

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