And That’s A Wrap!

Summer has arrived! While we pack up our belongings and begin summer, we reminisce on memories from this year. Our school year was off to a rough start with Covid-19, but in a matter of a few months we were becoming acclimated to our new “normal”. We pushed through the challenges and ended the year strong. While many students will look back on this year and remember chaos and uncertainty, we must also remember the good times with friends, family, and peers. 

My name is Drew Marshall and I am a rising Senior studying Kinesiology. This year has shown me life through a new lens. With the changes brought upon by the pandemic, I thought coming back to school was going to be the hardest thing I would ever do in my life. I was paranoid about everything I did at the start of the year, and was having trouble finding joy in things. Throughout the year I realized that if I dwelled too much on the changes that were occurring in my daily life, I would never find peace. I started to direct my attention to the positive aspects of life to enhance my collegiate experience during this odd time. Though I look back on this year and remember the stresses of covid, I can also highlight many instances where I formed closer bonds with friends, family, and enjoyed the little things in life. I have taught myself to find happiness by ruminating on positive memories rather than negative.

“Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.”

 – Kevin Arnold 

Hold onto this year. It was hard, but it was also an amazing opportunity to learn how to grow. Always keep your heads up, and keep pushing forward!

Have an amazing summer and continue to learn, love, and grow!

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