student Highlight: megan Jackson

Megan Jackson Class of ’22

This week I spoke with Campbell Senior and President of Exercise and Sport Science Club and various other organizations Megan Jackson.

Class Year: Senior 

Major: Kinesiology Pre-Physical Therapy 

Minor: Biology 

What is something you are excited about for this year?

“This year I am excited about not only the return to normalcy on campus, but I am also excited for the transition from undergraduate to graduate school and preparing to make that change in my life. Aside from that, I am most excited to be on the leadership teams of so many great organizations on campus like the exercise science club, the campus kitchen and the campus food pantry. These organizations are finally able to return to mostly full operations and I hope that they are able to make a greater impact this year.” 

What is something that you are proud of accomplishing?

“I am most proud of getting accepted into the Campbell University Doctor of Physical Therapy program and having the chance to be a part of the 2025 cohort.”

To hear more from Megan and follow her journey this year you can use these resources:

Exercise and Sport Science Club Instagram: cuexercisescience or join her at her club meetings on Monday’s at 6:30.

You can also find Megan on Campus Pantry’s Instagram: cu_campuspantry

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