Student Highlight: grant semke

Grant Semke Class of ’22

This week I spoke with Grant Semke, a Senior Marketing and Sports Management Major here at Campbell and we discussed what he is most looking forward to this year.

What are you most excited for this year?

“I’m excited about all the trips I’m going to go on in 2022. I am going to Chicago for the American Marketing Association Intercollegiate competition. I am planning a spring break trip with my friends to go to Florida. I am going to go Skiing with CAB. I am also studying abroad in the summer in England, Scotland, or Ireland. I’m excited but also a bit nervous about finding the perfect job post-graduation. I am confident I’ll be able to find a job but not exactly sure which direction I want to go with my career and choosing my first job makes a big difference.”

Grant is also President of the Marketing Club. If you would like more information about Marketing Club or would like to attend their meetings you can find them here:

Instagram: campbell_marketingclub

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