faculty highlight: Dr.Sarah christie

This week I spoke with Dr. Sarah Christie, Assistant Professor for the Department of Exercise Science.

What made you decide to work at Campbell? 

“There are many things that made me decide to work at Campbell University.  I believe Campbell is a hidden gem found right outside of Raleigh.   When I visited campus, I felt that it was a beautiful place with time honored traditions.  Above all else I was drawn to Campbell because it is a faith-based university that has a mission to serve others. ” 

What is your favorite thing about Campbell? 

“As an educator it is exciting to watch students over the course of their stint at Campbell University develop into life-long learners and truly want to make a difference by serving others. However, the greatest pleasure I experience is when they share with me their developing relationship with God. I freely share my faith with students, specifically how hard or difficult times in my life have helped to strengthen my relationship with God. I believe this makes me relatable and allows them to see me as a person, not just an educator. I am blessed to be an educator, and I grateful that I am at an institution where I can share my faith and be surrounded by students who want to make a difference. “

Any accomplishments you would like to highlight?

“I believe any successes are directly tied to the accomplishments of our students. My joy comes from their joys.  I love to hear when they have been accepted into a professional health care program or graduate school, or when they have accepted their first job offer, etc.  Most of all, I like getting the random email or phone call from a student stating they felt like they made a difference in the life of another person, and they just wanted to let me know because in some small way I helped them get to that point of meaningful service.”

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