Student Interview

By: Karina Adame

Name: Yolanda Palma Ibarra

Major: Nursing

Year: Freshman

1.) What drove you to choose your major?

I’ve always liked helping people in need around the community. Growing up, my grandma needed assistance when she was sick and I would always offer her comfort and assistance with whatever she needed help wit. With time, that motivated me to want to help other people too.

2.) Do you live on campus? If so, What are the challenges have you faced living on campus/What is an advantage of living on campus?

I currently live on campus and a challenge I face is having homesickness, being away from friends and family was very hard at first but after a while, it gets a little easier. Advantages of living on campus are are going to events and hanging out with friends, studying, and going home late, the library is easy to access as well, which helps a lot. Interacting more with the community and expanding my social groups.

3.) How did you build social connections around campus? How do you study/prepare yourself for tests? 

I stay connected to the community on-campus by joining clubs, going to events, and organizations as much as I can. I study/prepare for tests by going to study sessions, Cornell notes, and going to tutoring if necessary.

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