Education Major Interview

By: Karina Adame

Student Name: Hannah Sturgill

Year: Senior

Major: Special Education 

Hometown: Waldorf, Maryland

Have you done anything this year that involves your major?

I have! I am in the education club here at Campbell, I am also completing my student teaching right now which gets me directly involved in the Harnett country school system. I am teaching in an elementary school classroom for the whole semester of spring 2022 which allows me to practice my own skill while having a positive impact on students.

Who/what inspired you to pick your major?

I was inspired by my teachers in my school system in Maryland. They guided and mentored me – letting me volunteer in their classrooms, teaching me about the field of special education, and providing me with great professional connections!

What are your future plans/goals after graduation as a senior?

I am going to begin teaching children in the special education field, as well as obtain my masters of education. I want to travel and get to teach in a number of places around the world. 

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