The life of a Student athlete

This week I was able to interview Campbell football player, Chris McCay. On how it is to travel to away games during the season. Here what he had to say.

Question: What do you bring along with you on these away trips?

Answer: we’ll first of all I got to bring my tooth brush and toothpaste, can’t have no bad breath. Then I like bring my pillow and a blanket because those bus rides are long and I like getting my sleep in.

Question: Do you like away or home games more? 

Answer: Of course I like home games I get to show out in front of all of my family and friends. But I do like away games too because it’s a great time to bond with your teams. We set up the game and run some madden tournaments and that’s always a good time.

Question: Is the food better on away games?

Answer: Oh yeah the food in away games just taste so good. Don’t get me wrong though it is really hit or miss. Sometimes the food is amazing and sometimes it just isn’t it.

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