Pets now allowed on campus!

Interviewee: Jovanna Valentine

Year: Junior

Major: Kinesiology Pre-Med

Hometown: Harnett County

1.) Since you are in the apartments that now allow pets, how do you feel since now that your pet is allowed to live with you?

I feel a lot happier now that my dog is able to live with me. Having Amore with me is a constant source of comfort. I’ve had her for so long, that separation seemed unnatural my freshman and sophomore year.

2.) Tell me a little about your furry friend!

“I have a dog living with me. Her name is Amore, she’s six years old,  and she is an Australian Shepherd mix. I first met her when she was two weeks old and she has been living with me since she was eight weeks.”

3.) What is the best and worst thing about living on campus?

“The best thing about living on campus is being so close to classes and having my friends always close by. I suppose the worst thing about living on campus is that many of the dining areas close at 9 pm, which I think is rather early.”

Interviewed by: Karina Adame


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