Sit down with: Dr. Ibarra

Name: Dr. Ibarra

Department: Foreign Languages

Position: Associate Professor of Spanish

Years at Campbell: 12 years

Years working in his career: 18 years

1.) What do you like most about Campbell and your career?

  • What I like most about Campbell is connecting with my students and learning new things about them. They mark my life and I love staying connected to my roots, culture, life, and teaching others. The teaching lifestyle is the most important to me and I love that Campbell is a teaching institution.

2.) If you could go back and choose a different career, what would it be and why?

  • I would be working in a chemistry lab; I had a minor in chemistry back home. I liked chemistry lab and doing experiments and creating new things, how to mix the substances and how to be careful on what to mix because they had to be delt with care.

3.) How do you make an impact/difference to the students at Campbell?

  • What I hope students take from being in my class is to see difference as a positive impact on today’s society. Differences are great things to have. I hope I inspire curiosity in people who share a different language and perspective, and this curiosity only makes them want to learn more about other people’s everyday life. I love to believe that I inspire students to learn a new language and continue to grow love for Spanish.
  • How do students impact you?: They inspire/reassure me when I see their improvements and see how far they’ve come with their knowledge and comprehension of all the things I’ve taught them.

Interviewed by: Karina Adame

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