Campbell Community

Name: Brittany Acosta Lozano

Grade: Sophomore 

Major: Clinical research/Pre-Pharmacy 

Hometown: Statesville

1.) What is Craziest thing you’ve seen happen on campus?

“The craziest thing I have seen on campus is when Kivett Hall flooded during the day in the middle of classes.”

2.) Who is your favorite teacher at Campbell and why?

“Dr. Marks and Dr. Thompson are my favorite professors. I say both because they teach the same class, which is clinical microbiology. Dr. Marks taught clinical microbiology at the beginning of the semester, and Dr. Thompson teaches the second half of the semester. The reason they are my favorite professors is that they make class fun. As a STEM major, we tend to get long lectures that can sometimes be overwhelming and boring. However, these two professors make sure that we stay engaged and understand the material. They also encourage me to go to office hours and are available to help with any assignment.”

3.) What made you want to choose your major?

“Ever since I was little, I knew I wanted to work in the medical field but didn’t know what profession to choose. I then did some research and saw that becoming a pharmacist was appealing to me. That is when I shadowed a pharmacist and knew that this was what I wanted to do. In the past, I volunteered for my community throughout high school, and I enjoyed interacting with and serving vulnerable populations. I found this experience fulfilling and saw these same opportunities in the field of pharmacy. Working as a pharmacist would allow me to pursue my passion for working directly with patients in my community to improve their lives. I am motivated to work with and learn from a healthcare team to improve patient and community health outcomes. The role of pharmacy is vital to public health and quality of life outcomes.”

Interviewed by: Karina Adame

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