Something to Peep About

Mrs. Williams' developmental anatomy class had a busy weekend welcoming  in a  group of new peeps! The class spent all hours of the weekend coming in to check on the new chicks,  moving the hatched ones from the incubator to their heat lamp, checking  their  food, water and their health status. Students had to sign up … Continue reading Something to Peep About

In the World of a Freshman

Almost all of us have been there... freshman year. It is a time of change, expectations, new adventures, hard classes, dorm life, and so much more. It's a new chapter  that both excites and terrifies. It is a world of unknown, but a place to make your own. It is simply freshman year. According to … Continue reading In the World of a Freshman

Student’s Thoughts on September 11th

September 11th will always be a day where Americans will spend time to pause and remember what happened so many years ago. We will always remember those who were lost and those who served, and continue to serve our nation. Today in remembrance of those who served Campbell had various service projects and remembrance services on … Continue reading Student’s Thoughts on September 11th