To Be or Not to Be a Zombie– That is the Question

Many of us have already begun the sleepless nights filled with studying for exams. A lot of us would say that we are turning into zombies. Why not use that new zombie identity to take a break from studying with CAB’s Zombie vs. Human event. It’s tomorrow 1-3 in Academic circle. Go and kill some humans. If you have managed to avoid becoming a zombie thus far in the semester, come out and kill zombies. It will be tons of fun, and you can pick your side.

Make your choice, zombie or human, tomorrow, 1-3 in Academic Circle.


Written by Marisa Linton


Greek Life–Yay or Nay?

The decision was a unanimous one to bring Greek Life to Campbell for the Board of Trustees; however, with this news, came mixed reactions. Some students are concerned about the addition to the Creek, while others are ecstatic! Even alumni have chimed in their mixed opinions. We asked two students from opposing view points what they thought about the matter.

For Greek Life– Sierra Smith:

Expanding Greek Life on campus by adding undergraduate social fraternities and sororities is a great idea. Such a move is an advantageous step toward improvement as it poses many various benefits for both the university and its students. Greek organizations are vastly philanthropic. It is an integral part of Greek life for a fraternity or sorority to serve the community, raise and donate money to charities, and, in general, help others. What’s more, any given fraternity or sorority will go far beyond Campbell University. Being a part of a fraternity or sorority gives members a connection with people in other chapters across the country. Greek life is an exemplary networking tool because members will have countless connections to alums. As an example, imagine having successful role model Carrie Underwood, a Tri Sigma, as a connection when applying for a job in the music industry. Aside from the obvious benefits to students, Greek life can also be a positive addition for the university by gaining more students that will use the absence or presence of Greek life as a deciding factor in their college decision. Additionally, fraternities and sororities are likely to keep more students on campus over the weekends, a problem evident to the university. Although all the aforementioned concepts are exceptional reasons that Greek life will be good for Campbell University, for me the greatest thing about Greek life is the sense of unity and camaraderie that one gets from joining a fraternity or sorority. You share common interests, values, goals and hobbies with your fellow members, and they quickly become your family. Even as you’re older, as alum of a Greek organization, you’ll always know that you have an amazing and ever-growing group of people who you’ll always love, cherish and identify with. Such a concept is undeniably inviting and endearing to me, which is the most important reason that I think expanding Greek life is such an outstanding improvement and I look forward to having the opportunity to rush in Fall 2013.

Against Greek Life–Lindsey White

Whenever any organization is created at Campbell University, we must be cautious. We must ask, “What need does this organization serve that is not already being served by other organizations on campus?” I cannot pretend to know what it is like to be involved in Greek Life. I recognize my perception is colored by the cultural caricatures created by college movies like “Animal House” and news reports. But to state that Greek Life is often associated with alcohol consumption is to state the obvious. But why has the obvious been ignored by university officials? To jump to conclusions and assume wild parties, hazing and rampant sexual assault will occur at Campbell as a result of Greek Life is utterly ridiculous. But, an administration that both assures its students that every precaution of safety and allows Greek Life on its campus is liable to recognize these caricatures, although often untrue, exist on other campuses. The university must not only be aware of these realities, but also must take action to actively protect students through the education of these realities. We were told that the intentions of the university for Greek life was to bolster freshman assimilation into university life and to increase alumni giving. But is this in line with the purpose of our university? It is too soon to judge the intentions of Greek life—but are there not countless ways (eg: improved living, studying, and social spaces) that this purpose could be accomplished without the need for Greek Life? What purpose does it serve that CAB, SGA, and Campus Ministries does not already serve? Does the inclusive nature of Greek Life serve to bolster community or further divide the campus into more groups? My concern is not the altering of the campus culture but the ambiguity and seeming lack of thought of the details, perception, and consequences of Greek Life at Campbell University.


There you have two opposite sides. Below are quotes from other students voicing their opinions. Let Pineburr know your thoughts!

Hunter Smith: ” I don’t really think it makes sense on a dry campus. My expectation for next year is alot more people getting in trouble for being in possession of alcohol.”

Bridget Purser: “I think Greek life will attract more students in the upcoming years. It’s a great opportunity to develop lifelong friendships while simultaneously serving the community.”

Edited by: Marisa Linton

A New Coach is in the Creek


Campbell lost one football coach to gain another. Mike Minter, former Carolina Panthers player will take old coach, Dan Steele’s place. According to a WRAL article, Minter was coaching special teams at Liberty University this past season, and before that, an assistant coach at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte. He has been retired from playing since 2007 due to knee injuries; however, during his career he played nine years for the Panthers and has a record of 790 tackles, causing 15 fumbles, bringing 15 interceptions and scoring four touchdowns in 141 starts.

We look forward to seeing what this former Panther’s player can do as a Camel!  Here is to a future with Minter.

Written by: Marisa Linton

Next Week: Nov. 26 – Dec. 2, 2012

Next Week: Nov. 26-Dec. 2, 2012

A few of the featured events for next week:

Mon. Nov. 26 – Campus Recreation – Chili Cookoff, Carter Gym

Mon. Nov. 26 – Fine Arts: University Guitar Ensemble, Scott Concert Hall, 8:00pm

Tues. Nov. 27 – Campus Ministry: Carebag Packing & Delivery, Student Center, 5:30pm

Wed. Nov. 28 – Hump Day Challenge, Academic Circle

Thurs. Nov. 29 – Men’s Basketball vs. Newberry, 7:00 pm

Thurs. Nov. 29 – Theater Performance: Every Man Reformed, Ellis Theater, 7:00 pm

Fri. Nov. 30 – Theater Performance: Every Man Reformed, Ellis Theater, 7:00 pm

Fri. Nov. 30 – Movie: Bourne Legacy, Turner Auditorium, 9:00 pm

Sat. Dec. 1 – Humans vs. Zombies, Academic Circle, 1:00 pm

Sat. Dec. 1 – Theater Performance: Every Man Reformed, Ellis Theater, 7:00 pm

Be sure to check out the Calendar for a full list of Campbell events and activities.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hopefully your day is filled with much to be thankful for and loads of food. Try not to eat too much!


Turkey Day Facts:

  • A mature turkey has 3,500 feathers
  • The heaviest turkey ever raised weighed 86 pounds
  • In America, around 280 million turkeys are sold for celebrating Thanksgiving Day
  • California consumes the most turkey in America
  • A male turkey is called a tom and a female is a hen
  • A turkey’s head changes colors when it is excited
  • If Benjamin Franklin had his way, the turkey would be our national bird


Flash Mob–Gangnam Style

If you were at the basketball game Friday where we played Appalachian, you probably got to see an awesome show in the form of a flash mob. How did it all happen? Who planned it and coordinated it? Find out with one of the interns with Campbell Athletics Marketing and Promotions Department.

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My name is Kelly McGovern and my boss, Jarrad Turner, wanted a 2nd annual flash mob for one of the biggest games this year in basketball. He said to get a group together and let’s make a routine up. It was a lot of hard work .I knew that I needed the help with the dance routine because I cannot dance to save my life. Therefore, I had to get a group behind me to get the word out. I had two choreographers, Chelsea Cashwell and Ashton Brown help me out. They are amazing! We had a total of four practices. Each time, there were new people, making the job that much harder.

I cannot forget my sister Kristina McGovern. She was definitely into getting people involved by telling people and sending texts out everyday. Boy, am I thankful.
It was Jarrad Turner’s idea to do the Gangnum Style, so all props to him.

Once all the preliminaries were set, the process began. We got the dance together and spread the word. I started with my friends– sending out emails after emails; after that, when I would work the football or basketball games, I would just let people know that we are doing something like this, and if they were interested to come out and practice.By doing this, I picked up the attention from PGM majors Nathan Mead and Dane Olson. They then brought a crowd of other PGM majors, girlfriends and friends. I would like to say that without this group, I personally do not think we would have had the amount of laughs that we had at practice time. They were just so into it and even had practices on their own time.

When game day came, the mobbers received a shirt from SGA and went right to the designated section. Throughout the entire game, everyone was so excited and pumped to be doing this. It happened so fast. When it was over, it felt great that everyone’s hard work had paid off. We stayed for the whole game until that final buzzer, cheering for CU! The best part was when basketball players, Andrew Ryan, Tyler Zegarzewski and Antwon Oliver, came over and gave thanks to us for the support.

I would like to thank everyone for the hard work and late nights that were put into this; both girls and guys were great, and I love them. Go Camels, Be Loud, Be Proud, Wear Orange!

Written by: Kelly McGovern

Edited by: Marisa Linton

Christmas Spirit

Get in the Christmas spirit by watching the huge Christmas Tree light up! There will be hot chocolate, jazz band, and more! It is all happening at 8 tonight behind D Rich. Come early for a free t-shirt.

Written by: Marisa Linton