Where Do I Live? Part 1

Monday, everyone got the lecture about housing sign-ups. It is now going to be done electronically, and preference is not given by credit hours. It is based off of how many years you have lived here. Besides all the changes, there is still one thing to decide... where do I live next year? Some of … Continue reading Where Do I Live? Part 1

A Warning

You may have gotten an email today from Campus Safety about being safe walking around campus. You may also be wondering why they might have sent this. There may be a reason. Conner Capshaw, a Campbell student, has reported being attacked on March 14 on the edge of campus. He is fine, but it is a situation that should … Continue reading A Warning

Spring Break Has Begun!

Enjoy the much needed spring break everyone! Make sure to check out what people around campus are doing this coming up week in the video below. Video by: Joanna D'Ancona, Emily McIntosh, & Marisa Linton

Chocolate is Nice, but Love is Better

It seems that as soon as February shows up on our calendars, an over abundance of the colors pink and red start to don the world around us. Hearts are blatant everywhere, and chocolate and flowers are in high demand. It is completely obvious that Cupid's favorite holiday is upon us--Valentine's Day. How, though, did this … Continue reading Chocolate is Nice, but Love is Better