Room Of The Week

This new portion of the blog will showcase one dorm room each week. This week the featured room of the week is Haley Pleasant.
HAley 5

Haley Pleasant, a freshman at Campbell, is a resident in Pat Barker. Her dorm room is character of a true southern belle. It is full of Lily Pulitzer, from the bed spread and pillows to the rug, and nearly everything has a monogram on it. The colors of her room are very bright, cheery, and inviting. Your eyes are immediately drawn, though, to the many pictures strung on the wall. When I asked her about the pictures, Haley said that she “wanted to bring a little piece of home with her.” Above the sink, she has an inspirational quote that reminds her every morning “to follow your arrow wherever it points.”

HaleyHaley 6



While you were Gone… February 6-8

To start off this past weekend was the statue unveiling on Friday at 3 p.m. This last event of Founder’s Week had shirts and cupcakes free to students which made many people come out.  By 2:30 there was a long line of students who wanted to make sure they received a t-shirt of their size.








Once each student had been given a ticket for a t-shirt and a cupcake or two, the ceremony began.  Descendants of founder J.A. Campbell were there to see the statue of him unveiled.  It was really an exciting thing to have the family of J.A. Campbell with us for the ceremony on February 6th.

That Friday night, students gathered in Carter Gym for Sleepless Nights, a charity dance.  Students were to bring school supplies of an entrance fee of $2 to support local students.  The students danced the night away in their pajamas.








On Saturday, campus was filled with many students from local middle and high schools for Science Olympiad.  Many Campbell students volunteered by supervising and grading the events.

Greek recruitment also ended this past weekend and our campus now has many new Greek members to different sororities and fraternities.


Coming up this week:

Wednesday February 11: Salsa Night at 7 p.m. in the Rumley Center

Thursday February 12: Love Stinks at 7 p.m. in Shouse

Friday February 13: Men and Women’s tennis matches at 2 p.m.  Baseball game at 3 p.m. Dracula Untold will be shown at 9 p.m. in Turner Auditorium.

Saturday February 14: Valentine’s Day!  At 1 p.m. is the women’s basketball game.  At 3 p.m. is a baseball game at at 4 p.m. is the man’s basketball game.


Written By: Hannah Gooding


Throwback Thursday

The Miss Campbell Pageant is this weekend and there are 9 lovely ladies that will be wearing beautiful dresses and competing.  After taking a peak at the 1994 Pine Burr Yearbook, I discovered some other lovely ladies in pretty dresses.


These dresses really show their era.  Come to the pageant this weekend to make sure contestants are not wearing gowns with puffy sleeves!  This is the first time in many years that the Miss Campbell Pageant has been held.   They will be bringing it back on Saturday at 8:00 in Turner Auditorium and you don’t want to miss out!


Written By: Hannah Gooding 

Hunger and Homelessness Week: A Place to Call Home

This past week was Hunger and Homelessness Week at Campbell University.  There were many different events designed to raise awareness for the homeless.  On Tuesday at 1:30, a documentary was shown in Turner Auditorium.  It was called A Place to Call Home and was made by Rebecca Kenyon, who is from the United Kingdom.  Ms. Kenyon has family in Wilmington and that is where the documentary was filmed.  A Place to Call Home  followed the lives of several homeless people and also people who work to help the homeless.  One man was named Vince and at the beginning of the film he lived under some stairs in a parking garage.  He, along with another character, Jerome, would volunteer at places like churches, or helping clean up the city in order to hopefully receive a job out of it.  Jerome lived under a bridge at the beginning but was forced to move to the woods so people would not see him.  He also attended Cape Fear Community College, but had to drop out due to failing grades.  This leaves a question worth thinking about: Are there people in your class here at Campbell who may be going through something similar?  Or how would you cope with the stress of school without having a place to call your own.

DSC_0369 This is a picture of Rebecca as she discusses the film with students after the viewing.

While you were Gone… September 19-21

This past weekend CAB took a bus load of students to Atlanta, Georgia to go to Stone Mountain, the Coke Factory, and to see a Braves baseball game.  Maybe instead of considering the group gone for the weekend, we can say that they took the CU spirit with them to Atlanta.  As they explored the sights and sounds of Atlanta, I’m sure they couldn’t help but wish they could be at the soccer game getting a pair of free sunglasses.

Saturday evening, students and fans filled the hill at the soccer field to watch the men’s soccer team take on UNCC.  Such a large crowd of people came out that Campbell Athletics were out of  the free sunglasses by 6:10!  Make sure that if you want to receive the free stuff they give out, you get there early.  Even though we lost 6-1, it was still a beautiful night to cheer on the camels.

photo (1)









The evening prior, students filled Turner Auditorium to watch The Edge of Tomorrow.  It was a movie where Tom Cruise repeatedly battles aliens who are causing a world war.

This Week:

Monday: CAB General Meeting at 5pm in Turner Auditorium

Tuesday: Bacon Day at 7pm in the Rumley Center

Wednesday: Women’s Soccer at 7pm against Appalachian State

Friday-Sunday: Family Weekend

Friday: Volleyball at 7pm against High Point

Beach in the Creek in Academic Circle from 8pm-10pm

Saturday:  CAB: Autumn Festival 1pm-4pm in Academic Circle

Women’s Soccer at 1pm against Liberty

Men’s Soccer at 3:30 against Davidson

Football at 6pm against Valparaiso

Written By: Hannah Gooding


They’re Here!

The 2014 Pine Burr Yearbook has officially arrived on campus.  The book features thousands of photos and pictures of life at Campbell during the past year.  They’re free to main campus undergrads!


The staff will be distributing books during the following times and locations: Monday, April 21 — 9:00 am – 4:00 pm,  Fellowship Commons Tuesday, April 22 – 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, Fellowship Commons Wednesday, April 23 – 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, Fellowship Commons Friday, April 24 – May 2, Student Life Center   Pick up your book today!

Rising From Ashes


Exactly a week ago was the Lecture Symposium at Campbell University.  Lynch Auditorium was completely filled and there was even an overflow room of students who came to watch the documentary Rising From Ashes.  What was really great was that the director, T.C Johnstone, was also there to answer questions and provide background for the movie.  

The night started out with refreshments of pita chips and dip before Dr. Truffin stood up and introduced director T.C. Johnstone.  Johnstone explained the background history of Rwanda, where the documentary takes place.  Rwanda had a time period of 100 days that was traumatic for the country.  During this 100 days in 1994, one million people were killed in a feud between two tribes.  However, the history for Rwandan bikers goes back farther than that.  The documentary explained how their bodies are the perfect shape for bikers.  

The movie began with American biker, Tom Richey, finding out how there was great potential in the people of Rwanda to be bikers and he invited his fellow biker, Jock Boyer to help pick out and train people to be part of the Rwanda bike team.  As the team was formed, the bikers grew very close to each other even though they were from different tribes.  The country bonded together over watching this team compete in international competitions.  The bike team helped heal the country of its wounds from the genocide.

When the documentary was finished, a short Q&A with Johnstone took place.  Questions that were asked included how long did the film take and how much did it cost.  He said it was about $800,000 and took five years to complete the movie.  As students gushed over the long period of time and the amount of money, Johnstone explained how you can’t let something stop you including money and time because if you believe and pursue your dreams, it will work.  He then encouraged the students to look past college and to look beyond at the big picture of what you want to accomplish in life.  The night did not just portray the change in a country, but a change in how students at Campbell view their lives.


Written by Hannah Gooding