Spring Fling Bonfire

In honor of spring fling this week, the smell of crackling wood is in the air! Come out to the bonfire in Saylor Park at 8 PM this Thursday the 23rd. There will be food, t-shirts, and s’mores! Students will be able to roast marshmallows and spend time with friends around the fire.

I have attended the bonfire before, and would recommend going especially if you haven’t been in years past. It’s an experience at Campbell that shouldn’t be passed up. I was able to meet new people that have become some of my closest friends. After all, how could you pass up a s’more?!

Although the weather is starting to warm up, it still gets pretty cool come night time. Warm up, and have this be an excuse to get together before the school year comes to an end. For some, this may be the last bonfire you’re able to attend with graduation anticipated in May. So, come out to continue one of the many Campbell traditions.


Written by: Kaitlyn Dixon 


Preview of the Week

Hey Camels, it is the last week of classes for the semester! As you spend time studying for our final exams don’t forget to take some time and have a study break. Here is a list of fun things happening this week!

Monday: Shine in the Campus Ministry House at 8pm. Wesley Ministry Group in the Campus Ministry house at 9pm. Mens Basketball game vs. Allen at 7pm.

Tuesday: There are no events this day. Have a great day!

Wednesday: Inspirations Dance Ministry Group in Butler Chapel at 6:30pm. Ignite in Turner Auditorium at 8:07pm. Discussing Discrimination in Rumley Center at 7pm. 

Thursday: BSU Ministry Group in Butler Chapel at 8pm. 

Friday: There are no events this day. Have a great weekend!

Saturday: There are no events this day. Have a great weekend!

Sunday: Campus Worship at 7pm in Butler Chapel.

Preview of the Week

This week there will be plenty of events going on around campus. Don’t miss out on these opportunities to meet people and have some fun!

Monday: Women’s Ministry Group “Shine” at 8:00pm

Wesley Ministry Group at 9:00pm

Tuesday: Yearbook Meeting at 5:00pm

Wednesday: Inspirations Dance Ministry Group at 6:30pm

Karaoke Night at 8:00pm

Ignite at 8:07pm

Thursday: BSU Ministry Group at 8:00pm

Saturday: Football vs. Presbyterian at 6:00pm

Sunday: Sunday Sundaes at 2:00pm

Campus Worship at 7:00pm

It’s Getting Down to the Wire

Last night, Thursday June 23, was the second night of preliminary competition for the Miss North Carolina competition.

Sami McDaniel competed in Swimsuit and fitness

Scarlett Short competed in Swimsuit and fitness as well.

Both of these ladies are in the same group, both wore a green swimsuit, and are both rising sophomores at Campbell.

Campbell graduate student,  Brittany Thornton, competed in evening gown and onstage question. Brittany is a Trust and Wealth Management student in our Business school.

Campbell alumni Sue Ann Forrest competed in talent with a monologue about something that actually happened to her.  The monologue was titled “Nice to Meet You”.

Sue Ann’s monologue was about changing the was the wold views women and empowering them to defy stereotypes.

Keith Boyette, one of Sue Ann’s biggest cheerleaders this week was very proud of her monologue.

“I think Sue Ann’s talent was perfect, it was a perfect description of her and a clear representation of how Sue Ann is and everything she believes in.” -Keith Boyette

Tonight Scarlett Short and Sami McDaniel will be competing in talent and Sami says that this is her favorite part of the competition.


Written By: Hannah Gooding

“The Best is yet to Come”

Wednesday June 22 was the first night of the preliminary competitions for the girls to compete to see who will be the next Miss North Carolina.  The ladies are divided into three different groups and each group does a different element of the competition each night. on Wednesday, here is what the Campbell students did.

Sue Ann Forrest: Swim Suit/ Fitness

Sami McDaniel: Evening Gown/Onstage Question

Scarlett Short: Evening Gown/Onstage Question

In addition to these three, there is also a Campbell graduate student, Brittany Thorton.

Brittany Thorton: Talent

Sue Ann was one of the fittest in her group while Sami wore a green dress that shone as bright as the Emerald City. Scarlett wore a dress that lived up to her name.  She wore a stunning red dress with red earrings.

“It was a great night.  The best is yet to come.” -Scarlett Short

Written By: Hannah Gooding

Anticipation Builds for the Miss North Carolina Pageant

Today is the day that the contestants for Miss North Carolina move in to Peace University to begin their week to compete for the crown of Miss North Carolina.  Campbell has three lovely ladies competing this year: Miss Dunn Sami McDaniel, Miss Moore County Scarlett Short, and Miss Campbell Sue Ann Forrest.

Before school let out for the summer, we talked with Sue Ann, who just graduated in the spring with a major in English and Communication Studies and a minor in Marketing.

The Miss Campbell Pageant was held by Sigma Alpha Omega and Sue Ann said she heard about the pageant from them and decided to compete.  The pageant was not originally a preliminary to Miss North Carolina, but with the support of Campbell, they helped her to meet the requirements so she could compete this week.

Regarding the Miss North Carolina Organization, Sue Ann has only the best things to say.

“I would advise young women at Campbell to pursue opportunities to compete in Miss North Carolina preliminary competitions. This is my very first year going to Miss North Carolina, and I already feel like I’ve made lifelong friends through this organization. Additionally, through this program, I think I’ve sharpened and developed skills that will help me in my future career.” -Sue Ann Forrest

Wednesday-Friday these girls will shine in talent, swimsuit, onstage question and evening gown.  Stay tuned to the blog and Twitter for updates on how well they perform!

Written by: Hannah Gooding

Interview by: Austin Phelps

D1 Athlete or Coach: Do you have what it takes?

Many kids grow up with the desire to play sports at the Division 1 level, which is the highest level of collegiate sports. Although, this may be a dream for many, it will only become a reality for few. Yes, talent does play a huge factor in getting to this level; however, there are other small components that separate D-1 athletes and Coaches from other collegiate divisions. We were able to sit down with Campbell University Assistant Coach and former Campbell Camel Mike Delucia, and talk about what it takes to be an athlete and a coach at the D1 level.

Written and Interview By: Erick Gaylord