Throwback Thursday

At football and basketball games, we all expect to see enthusiastic fans, cheerleaders, and Gaylord. We also can count on the band being there to pump the crowd up. They always do a phenomenal job. The photo below is from 1912.  What a neat group captured in time!

pineburr1912camp_0049 1912 band










By: Ashley Howerton and Marisa Linton


Q and A with Campbell Faces

Stacie Wuske is a senior in Elementary Education. She is from Hampstead, NC.

 q &A stacie
What is an interesting fact about you?
 I was an extra in One Tree Hill
What is your  favorite moment at Campbell?
The spring break trip to Disney World my sophomore year.
What is your favorite way to spend your “free” time?
 Watching movies or sleeping!
What do you want to do after graduating?
I want to find a teaching job around this area and have a successful career and life.
What is your favorite food?
Who is your inspiration and why?
My inspiration would be my mother. She has been through a lot in her life. She had a heart attack my freshman year and it scared me to death. Since that terrifying day, my mom has been motivated to live a healthier life and made a promise to enjoy the small things in life. She always perseveres and gives her all. That is why she is my inspiration.
What is has your hardest class been thus far?
Practicum! Practicum is when senior education majors spend half their day at a school and then come back to Campbell for classes. It is very, very, very time consuming. Trying to balance that, school work, and a social life is tiring. Time management has been a struggle for me.
Interview by Ashley Howerton

Throwback Thursday

These students from 1992 got into the Halloween spirit! Can you rival these costumes? Be on the lookout for Yearbook staff. You might make the book, if you are in costume!1375780_604821299558969_1210777840_n P.S. if you want free doughnuts, wear your costume to Krispey Kreme!



Throwback Thursday


Look at how much the Campbell cheerleaders have changed since 1962. Not only are their outfits   different, but the amount of male cheerleaders has increased. Cheerleaders do a fantastic job of pumping up the crowd and cheering on our teams, making them an important part of CU athletics.














cu leaders







By: Ashley Howerton

Vintage Pictures from: PineBurr 1962

Something to Peep About

Baby Chickie

Mrs. Williams’ developmental anatomy class had a busy weekend welcoming  in a  group of new peeps!

The class spent all hours of the weekend coming in to check on the new chicks,  moving the hatched ones from the incubator to their heat lamp, checking  their  food, water and their health status.

Students had to sign up for four hour shifts ranging from 6 AM to 12 AM.  Chicks  will continue to hatch until Tuesday. Students were able to study the  process of the development of the eggs since they were fertilized.

Check out the video of the little chicks below!




Throwback Thursday

On August 30, 2008 Campbell played its first football game in over half a century. It was the first home football game in 58 years. Many said it would increase school spirit, and I would say it did considering the newly remodeled Barker-Lane stadium where more than 3,000 seats were added. As you can see, the stadium has lived up to its expectations of increasing Camel pride with a recent record-breaking attendance. Go Camels!!






















Photos and facts by Ashley Howerton