Board, Box, and Bon Voyage!


Because of a Cardboard Box

Once upon a time, there was a dream to build a boat.

The goal was for it to float.

There was just one problem though,

A problem that would provide quite the show.

All boats were to be made from cardboard.

No matter, though, there was a gift card award.

Boats were made with much effort and time,

But it was when dry that they were at their prime.

Would they make it when all soggy wet?

It didn’t matter for there could be not one regret.

Off they went in the water blue,

Each going two by two.

There were a few soggy flops

But fun was had by because of a cardboard box.

There you have it an account of CAB’s Cardboard Boat Race that rhymes. Isn’t it just fine? Oops, there goes another rhyme. Back to the story, though. Three crews showed up to race each other with various types of boats. Some sank and others held up really well. It was great fun to watch. Participants got gift cards as well, and trophies were given in the following categories:

Best Costume: Jacqueline Augusto and Amber Oakes
Best Sink: Brooks Gross
Fastest Time: Hunter Outlaw and Nick Hudson

Congratulations to all and bon voyage!

Written by: Marisa Linton

Pictures and video by: Joanna D’Ancona


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