Library Week 2014


Last week was completely filled with fun and activities at Wiggins Memorial Library.  April 7-11, 2014 was National Library Week and the library staff at Campbell definitely made the week exciting.  Monday was the edible book festival where students and faculty submitted food that represented a book.  There were many winners of the decorations such as best classic book, best in show, and best childrens book.  On Tuesday was the crafts with books event where the library provided discarded books to make origami flowers or use modge podge to cover a picture frame with parts from books.  Also, they explained how to hollow out a book so that it would have a place in it for trinkets.  On Wednesday was the poetry jam for students to read favorite poetry or show off what they had written for contests.  There were also popular poetry books that students could win such as Beowulf, stories by Shel Silverstein, and other collections of poets.  Thursday, students could get advice for how to be a librarian or tips for getting a job anywhere.  On Friday, anyone could go to the third floor and have fun playing games whether it was on the wii or classic board games like Pictionary.  That night, was trivia night and the team of librarians came out on top with the win.  There were four teams, one consisted of all librarians and they came in first.  However, they did not receive a prize and the prizes went to the three remaining teams.  All week long students received grace for fines if they donated books, dvds, or cds.  They could also participated in a scavenger hunt that had clues hidden all around the library and even a clue in the business library.  There were two winners, who both received a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble.  The week was full of fun and appreciation for literature.


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Written by Hannah Gooding

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