But it’s Cookout!

As a part of finals week, Campbell students got free Cookout. Yes, I said free! Some people lined up outside the door 2-3 hours ahead of the 8 o’clock go time. Despite rain looming and a few sprinkles here and there, students didn’t budge. Cookout is what they wanted and Cookout is what they would have. The line of students wrapped down one side of  Cookout’s building and all the way across the parking lot to the furniture store. Flashcards, textbooks, and study guides were being poured over as they waited for the doors to open. As rain began to fall, umbrellas went up but no one moved. Some grumbles were heard about how they were hungry, or oh no it is raining, or that the wait was so long, but that was quickly followed by “BUT it’s Cookout!” That said it all. Hats off to Cookout too. They handled the swarm of camels like a champ serving over 100 students in around 20 minutes, with more still lining up! Talk about service. All in all, it was a great study break for many and free food is always great! Just remember, if you need a study break but you don’t feel like you can be pulled away from studying, it’s Cookout! Go for it. Happy studying ya’ll.

A group of students study flashcards while waiting for Cookout
A group of students study flashcards while waiting for Cookout


Written by Marisa Linton

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