While you Were Gone… August 22-24

This past weekend was the end of the Welcome Week activities.  If you didn’t stick around campus to enjoy the Party in the Park on Friday, you really missed out.  From snow cones and pizza to mud volleyball and water slides, there was something there for everyone, even if it was just to relax and watch fellow students get muddy.



On Saturday, students left early in the morning to go on the final Welcome Week extravaganza: a trip to Wrightsville Beach.  If they wanted to, they could even take a surfing lesson.  It was certainly a great opportunity to just relax on the beach after a few days of classes.

Back in Buies Creek on Saturday, Campbell Athletics brought free Bojangles biscuits and sandwiches for the first students who came to watch the men’s soccer game against George Mason.  Another exciting thing for fans, was that the Coke kiosk came and everyone was able to print one Coke with their name on it and one for a friend as a part of the Share a Coke campaign.  Even Gaylord joined in on the fun:



Even though the Coke kiosk had to shut down for a little while because of rain, it did open back up later on in the day while the soccer game was still going on.

If you are sad you missed out on these fun activities, don’t worry.  Campbell always has fun stuff going on.  Just check out this week’s activities:

Monday: CAB General Meeting at 5 in Turner Auditorium

Tuesday: Capture the Flag at 10 in Academic Circle

Wednesday: Last day to register and add any classes

Thursday: First home football game at 7 against UNC Charlotte

Friday: Women’s soccer game at 7 against UNCW

Written By: Hannah Gooding

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