While you were gone… November 14-16

The campus was quite quiet this past weekend as many students went home.  However, with this being the last full week of classes in the fall semester, the campus is buzzing again.

On Friday at 6, CAB hosted a mocktail party serving cheese, crackers, fruit and of course, mocktails.  As students arrived who signed up for the event, they saw easels set up with canvases.  Each canvas had an outline of a camel with a palm tree.  A wine and design company walked the students through the steps of painting their camel.  Just because the picture was already drawn on the canvas, does not mean they all looked the same.  Some students added sunglasses or added an army flair.

At the same time as the mocktail party was the woman’s basketball game.  They won against Pfeiffer.  The men’s basketball team also won at their game following the women’s game.

The rest of the weekend was quiet here in the creek, but check out what’s happening this week:

Tuesday:  As part of Homelessness Week, watch a documentary in Turner Auditorium about homeless in Wilmington, NC.  You can receive connections 200 credit.

At 8:30 is the Christmas Tree Lighting in academic circle

Wednesday:  Winter Formal at 8 p.m. in the convocation center.

Box-a-Thon in academic circle starting at 9 p.m. see what it is like to sleep in a box all night.

Thursday: Mockingjay Midnight premire! If you signed up, the CAB trip leaves at 5 p.m.

Friday: Women’s basketball game at 7 p.m.

Watch The Soloist in Turner Auditorium at 9 p.m.


Written By: Hannah Gooding

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