CU Cheerleading

This year the CU cheer team attended the NCA Nationals for the first year in school history. They finished top 12 in their division, which is amazing for the program and Campbell University. With the coaching staff and teammates returning they have a great chance to finish top five next year!

Senior Matthew Minga featured in the photo above has made a huge impact for the cheerleading program. As a senior for this team many of his fellow teammates looked up to him when it came to things on and off the mat. This year majority of the team was young, therefore, he spent a lot of time mentoring them about how to balance being a student-athlete and time management. Also, he continued to stay on the team about nutrition and pushing them to be the best they could be even outside of practice. Matthew’s first year at Campbell he was friends with a few of the cheerleaders and they asked him to try out but it wasn’t until his sophomore year that he came out and found that he really enjoyed it. A passion of his is weight lifting, so instead of lifiting iron he lifts people!

“The greatest thing about being apart of Campbell Cheer was the relationships I made while being on the team and the network opportunities that were created. Also, traveling to different schools with amazing people was a great experience.”

Matthew Minga

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