Makeup Obession

One of Darlys Gibson’s obsession is make-up. Makeup is highly used and loved because it is a great confidence booster and can help hide imperfections. Also, in this generation, celebrities are really push this trend by making their own brands and getting people to really want those products. Darlys’s passion for makeup started with her hometown best friend that would always practice on her when they had sleepovers. She always loved the look and it made her feel very pretty. She did not want to always have to get someone else to do her make up so, that drove her to get into doing it herself.

 I really enjoy watching Tarte’s YouTube channel. I have a lot of their products, so it is an easy step by step process for me to follow. Also, I enjoy watching Faith Drew, she talks about affordable and good quality makeup she finds at the drug store. Youtube is a great helper if you want to get into doing makeup.

Darlys Gibson

Darlys uses ipsy, which is a makeup subscription service that is only $10.70 a month. They send 5-6 products a month that are usually sample sized and includes a cute small bag that all the products fit in. She has been using the subscription for over a year and loves it! It is really good for trying new products and brands. Some of the coolest products she has gotten would be new brushes and nail polish!

Some of Darlys favorite high-end brands are Tarte Cosmetics, Pür, and Morphe. As well as, Wet-n-Wild for her favorite drugstore brand. In total, she spent an estimate of about $5,000 worth of make up since her freshman year at Campbell. On a daily basis, she always makes sure to wash her face and use a moisturizer! But, for her everyday look she likes to use primer, foundation, concealer, a neutral brown color scheme, eyeliner, mascara, and highlighter. Depending on the look she is going for determines how long it will take her to do her makeup. It can take about 15 minutes, but if she is getting ready to go on a date, or an event, it can take her almost an hour because she likes to take her time.

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