Commuter vs Campus Living

Megan Richards is a junior living on-campus in Faculty Memorial apartments. Caroline Smith is a senior commuter from Wilson, NC which is about an hour away from campus. They were both asked a series of questions about their experience of on and off campus living. They both discussed some of the benefits and disadvanges of their situation.

Megan Richards outside of Faculty Memorial apartments

Megan Richards explains that she really enjoys living on campus because it is in range of everything. She can walk to get food, go to the gym, and class. Also, being able to live in an on-campus apartment is super convenient because everything is furnished, so on move in day all she needs are her own belongings. Megan loves being able to room with her friends and have fun every single day. But, some of disadvantages would be that the rooms are very close together so if her roommates are being noisy while she is sleeping or studying it can be a downfall. Also, sharing the bathroom with someone else can be a hassle sometimes. On the other hand, Megan really loves faculty apartments because it is so close to everything that she do not have to drive. 

I think that living on campus helps your soical life because you get to room with friends and meet new people at all the events offered on campus.

Megan Richards
Caroline Smith and her grandmother

Caroline Smith explains that she likes commuting from home because she only has to come to school two days out of the week. She gets home cooked meals and does not have to pay rent. Also, commuting from home allows her to spend more time with her family before she graduates and leaves the nest. One big advantage Caroline gets from living off campus is being able to have pets. But, some of disadvantages would be having to travel early in the morning and in traffic, gas, and not really having much of a social life with her peers. On the other hand, Caroline has really enjoyed this last semester commuting because she was able to get an amazing coaching job that will help her in the future. 

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