Feature- Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller is the Assistant Director of Athletic Communications at Campbell. A 2018 graduate from Campbell, Andrew officially joined the Athletic Communications staff in the fall of 2018. He primarily works with Women’s Soccer, Women’s Basketball, Men’s and Women’s Tennis, and Outdoor Track and Field.

You were a student at Campbell. What made you want to stay here as you transitioned into the working world?

When I came to Campbell, I worked in Athletic Communications all four years. I was very involved. I was a manager for the basketball team for two years, and so I knew that I had a good place here. I was very familiar with Campbell, really loved it, and during my senior year I knew that I had a job here if I wanted to take it. I decided to roll with that because I liked working here and I liked the people I worked with.

What are some of your main responsibilities as a Director of Athletic Communications?

One of the main things that know one really knows is that we’re kind of in charge of all the stats. A big push that we’ve made recently, especially with emerging social media, is dealing with a lot of the social media content and pumping that out for our specific sports teams. Also any kind of publication that goes out about our sports teams is what we handle and that runs through us.

What’s your favorite sport to do public address announcing for and why?

I really enjoy doing women’s soccer because that’s one of the first things I did here and it’s one of my sports now. One of my favorites is probably baseball, because I just love being around the game, and the year that they first won the conference championship I did almost every single home game.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I like taking it easy, going to other sporting events, hanging out with my friends. During the summer I like going to the beach and just chilling by the water.

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